Hurstbridge VIC
Within my psychotherapeutic practice, I take a therapeutic arts-based companioning approach, held by the values of curiosity, trust, and emergence/grace. As a companion I walk alongside, supporting the development of the inquirer’s inner knower/ healer through an attuned, curious attentiveness into inquires lived and living experience. As someone who has experienced the highs and lows of life, I take a peer-based approach, meeting inquirers as fellow human. With loving respect for you and your path, I hold faith in its ultimate direction being one inseparable from healing and wholeness.
Laprana is an integrative mind-body therapy practice situated in Melbourne, Australia offering a holistic, non-ordinary state-focused approach to healing and wellness. Laprana's foundation is built upon the establishment of deep trust and safety within the therapeutic relationship, the somatic engagement of the body and felt senses and the purposeful activation of one's own Spirit / inner healer to guide the way. A compassionate, unconditionally loving approach to companioning of the whole being (body/mind/spirit) allows for a depth of healing that may not have before been possible.
- Entheogenic/ Psychedelic Assisted Therapy: Preparation Support & Integration Therapy - Creative Arts-based Therapy: A warmly held container of conversation and creative exploration. Fostering connection, healing & transformation -Psychotherapeutic Companioning, Counseling & Spiritual Mentoring: Ongoing connection and support- anywhere, anytime. Therapeutic Yoga & Meditation: Intuitively guided, Ayurvedic yoga to promote nervous system balance, relaxation, and restoration