Laura Lovato, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Kansas City MO
Therapy is a space to own your personal story and find sovereignty by reflecting on what you are experiencing and why, to reprocess these experiences with new wisdom and perspective, and practice new ways of thinking and responding that serve your deeper purpose and true worthiness. Dr. Lovato believes in being a human first, therapist second. She strives to be transparent, genuine, and warm. She is an “active” therapist, meaning that she elicits and offers feedback, and suggests specific research-informed strategies for her clients to practice between session to help build new skills and understandings. “I genuinely love my work-I hold the role of healer earnestly and have great reverence for my clients’ resilience and courage. I am honored by their trust in me to be part of their process.”
Dr. Laura Lovato is a clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of anxiety, trauma, relational concerns, and depression. Her priority as a healer is to support a relationship that is genuine, caring, and safe. She understands that to heal the mind, you must work with the mind-body and that there are infinite ways to live a meaningful life.
Ketamine and THC assisted therapy sessions, psychedelic integration, individual therapy, yoga