Laura Merritt, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Seattle WA
My clients are interested in personal growth and healing, many have already participated in traditional therapy and they’re looking for a different approach. They appreciate a holistic approach to healing involving science-based, current/modern theory as well as those informed by spirituality, metaphysics and/or spiritual, indigenous and natural healing techniques.
I offer a holistic approach to therapy fusing science-based techniques with ancient wisdom. This approach involves exploring, untangling and reworking patterns of thinking, developing and nurturing mind-body connection and developing awareness and connection to the nervous system while using time tested techniques like mindfulness, meditation, ritual and breath work. I am trained in the leading psychedelic based programs including the CIIS Psychedelic Therapies Certificate and MAPS Psychedelic Therapy program. In my own personal path of healing, I have found non ordinary states of consciousness particular powerful and with my lived experience, I understand how to best prepare and integrate these experinces with a focus on reduced risk and maximizing potential to optimize benefits.
Individual tele therapy