Laura Merritt, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Seattle WA
My approach is holistic; I consider healing and personal growth from a whole-person perspective. Interventions include a variety of evidence-based treatments like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) interwoven with time-tested tools like Mindfulness and Meditation. Coaching and consultation calls are focused on education, safety planning for preparation and integration of breath work, spiritual and meditative journeys, psychedelics and entheogens.
After working in the mental health field for about 20 years, (many of those were at the Department of Veterans Affairs in a PTSD clinic), I decided to branch out on my own so I could offer a holistic approach to healing. I am trained in the leading evidence based interventions like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and my practice integrates that with my other passion; yoga and meditation. In my own personal path of healing, I have found non ordinary states of consciousness particular powerful and with my lived experience, I understand both the benefits and harms that come in it’s wake. For psychedelic preparation and integration, I offer two options: Coaching and Psychotherapy. Please contact me for the specifics of these services.