Laura Stone, MA, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Psychotherapist
Seattle WA
My work includes individual sessions and group sessions catering to clients at different stages of their journey. I believe in meeting clients where they are, collaborating with them to craft a personalized plan for our work together. Our sessions typically involve mapping the client's internal system, addressing impacts of trauma and attachment disruption, and/or clarifying goals for their own growth and well-being, and engaging in various healing modalities. Rather than adhering to a rigid weekly schedule, I prioritize flexibility and adaptability in scheduling sessions. Whether it's a block of several hours, weekly meetings, or as-needed sessions, I tailor the frequency and duration of our sessions to best suit the client's needs and the nature of the work we're undertaking together. Please feel free to reach out to learn more.
As a seasoned psychotherapist based in Seattle, WA, I've dedicated much of my career to supporting adopted children and families navigate the complexities of attachment disruption, trauma, and identity development. Through my work, I've delved into innovative therapeutic modalities such as EMDR and Internal Family Systems, recognizing the profound impact they have in addressing and consolidating trauma memories. My journey took an intriguing turn when personal experiences with psychedelics not only alleviated chronic pain but also provided profound insights into the nature of Self. Inspired by these transformative encounters, I've embarked on further training in Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy, while also exploring indigenous medicine traditions and witching practices rooted in my own cultural lineage. Beyond my therapeutic pursuits, I am a passionate artist, consultant, and writer, cherishing moments with my beloved dogs, embracing the joys and challenges of parenthood, and continuing to grow in the partnership that enriches my life.
I offer 1:1 and group psychotherapy in my practice in Seattle, WA, both in-person and remote. I offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy in partnership with Journey Clinical, I offer Safe and Sound Protocol in partnership with ILS,