Lauren Cabaldon, LMFT

San Diego CA
Hello fellow soulworker! I am delighted the universe brought you here. My name is Lauren and I am deeply passionate about helping clients access their Inner Healing Wisdom. I believe that an individual’s encounter with their personal unconscious is essential for the healing process. I believe we can access the unconscious through dreamwork, psychedelic meditations, breathwork, meditation, or deep feelings of safety and love. Our unconscious is a sacred cave where we store our insecurities, painful memories, deepest fears, and feelings of guilt and shame. I believe that true healing happens when we feel safe enough to explore this hidden cave and integrate it’s contents into our authentic Self. My goal is co-create this foundation of safety and trust with you so we can explore the cave together with courage, compassion, and curiosity.
I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California and Arizona. I have worked at Field Trip Health in San Diego offering Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy, and I have also completed my psychedelic-assisted certification through Integrative Psychiatry Institute. More importantly, I have a deeply personal relationship with psychedelic medicines and have "traversed the terrain." I have a handsome Australian Kelpie named Odin and I love to be in the outdoors. I live in the wild Sonoran desert of Tucson but also spend part of my time in SoCal. I love dancing, trying new recipes, analyzing my own dreams, and snowboarding. I came to the medicine work through my own personal exploration and trauma healing. Ever since I was young, I always instinctively felt that each of us came into this world with a divine purpose. I believe that separation from this purpose creates the suffering we experience. My soul's mission is to provide guidance and support seeking a path back to this purpose.
Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Preparation, Journeywork, and Integration