Lauren Donelson Jones, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Thrapist
Seattle WA
In my practice, I offer Ketamine-Assisted Therapy in partnership with Journey Clinical. I do the therapy part, and they do the medical part. Right now, ketamine is the only legal psychedelic medicine that can be used in the context of psychotherapy. It is a safe and effective medicine used to treat a variety of mental health conditions including eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Although ketamine can be administered in a variety of ways, in my practice, we only use the sublingual lozenge form. This mean you swirl the medicine in your mouth and spit it out. No needles, thank you very much! I combine Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAP) in my practice. Before the ketamine dosing session(s), we will work together to build relationships with your parts. There might be parts of you that are really excited about psychedelic therapy, while other parts feel quite scared. Parts of you might be hoping this will solve all of your problems. A part of you might not be ready for such a big shift. In our preparation sessions, we will hear from, connect with, and make sure all your parts are on board for this transformative experience. In IFS therapy, there is the belief that through connection with our parts, we have the capacity to hold and experience Self energy - which is calm, curious, compassionate, and creative. Ketamine is an effective tool to help us get there.
I was a highly sensitive, intuitive child. I saw things, felt things, and knew things that no one else did. When I was 8, I thought I had diabetes. I made my mom take me to the doctor, and I didn’t have it. A few weeks later, my sister got diagnosed. No one told me my intuition was bad, but I became scared of it. I learned that knowing and sensing things meant bad things would happen to the people I loved most. I shut it down completely. I asked my spirit guides to go away. Shutting down my intuitive gifts forced me to look outside of myself for many years. I did what other people thought I should do. I looked for external validation, hoping it would fill the void. I changed the size and shape of my body. None of it worked. When I got my first astrology reading, I felt seen for the first time in years. Someone I didn’t know could see my intuitive gifts - right there in my chart. Therapy was helping me heal and connect with myself, but there was something so powerful about the astrology reading. I remember thinking - I wish I could explain all of this to my therapist. That’s how Astro Therapy was born. My clients know deep down they are intuitive. But just like me, they feel stuck. They doubt themselves. They settle for less than they deserve. I created Astro Therapy, because I want to help intuitive folks take back their power. I help folks own their magic and feel confident in their intuition. I am LGBTQIA+ affirming, poly aware, and fat positive. I’m a white, Jewish, queer, and childless by choice. I’m happy to share any other aspects of my identity with you.