Lauren LaPointe, LMFT

Licensed Psychotherapist
San Francisco CA
The work I do is thoughtful, caring and genuine with an openness that allows you to feel free to discuss whatever is on your mind. In my work with clients I hope to create a space of curiosity and mindfulness where they can learn about themselves at a deeper level so that they can better take care of themselves in the world we live in. There are 2 paths when working with me. The first option is for me to be your regular on going therapist. In this work I want to understand your motivation and goals for therapy. You will lead the way and I will be there to help explore areas of difficulty that arise. We will also assess together if psychedelic assisted therapy could help with the goals you have set for yourself. The second option is for me to be an adjunct to your regular therapy where I specialize in the psychedelic work and you continue working with your regular therapist. In this second option you would work with me on an as needed basis specifically in a psychedelic assisted therapy setting. You would then take what you got out of your work with me back to your regular therapist to hopefully deepen your work together.
I am originally from Western Massachusetts where I got my Bachelors degree in psychology at Elms College. From there I moved to San Francisco in 2015 where I graduated from the integrative counseling psychology program at the California Institute for Integral Studies. Spending time in nature and making things with my hands like food or art are some of my favorite ways to take care of myself. I have always had an interest in people and how they came to be who they are today so becoming a psychotherapist felt like the obvious route for me. I am that friend that you think to turn to when you are going through something difficult and need a calm and compassionate voice of reason or validation. My natural tendency is to be open minded, compassionate and empathic which allows me to create a warm and welcoming environment for my clients to explore the challenges they bring into the therapy room.
Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy as an adjunct to traditional therapy At-home Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Integration for past psychedelic experiences