Lauren Rubenstein, PsyD

Licensed Psychologist
Bethesda MD
My approach is integrative. Please see my website.
I am a seasoned psychologist with almost 3 decades of providing psychotherapy. I have additional training and experience practicing and teaching embodied practices such as yoga, meditation, and iRest yoga nidra. I am also a SoulCollage® facilitator, a process Stanislav Groff endorsed for integration following non-ordinary states of consciousness. Ongoing education and training around psychedelic-assisted therapy and ketamine treatment are critical to my work, as well as individual supervision from Ben Bregman, MD, an integrative psychiatry specialist at Washington Integrative Mental Health Services ( While my therapy approach leans toward nondirective, my approach for KAP is to “get out of the way” and let your innate healing intelligence guide your journey.
SoulCollage for intention-setting and integration