Leah Strauss, LCSW

New York NY
I think of therapy as an education in the self- the learning of who we are. Understanding our inner most emotions, learning to express feelings and needs are all a part of this education. As a therapist, my goal is to create a supportive environment that instills trust and encouragement to clients. I believe it’s important to create an environment of acceptance, and that clients feel comfortable sharing whatever thoughts and feelings arise without fear of criticism, contradiction or judgement. I’m warm, direct, and enjoy working collaboratively with a variety of people, including adolescents and adults. I work with clients who struggle with feelings such as anxiety, depression, anger, grief, and self-doubt to understand the root causes of these feelings, as well as teaching techniques to cope with them. I work with clients struggling with interpersonal conflicts, and ways to promote intimacy in relationships rather than resentment and anger.
I'm a psychodynamic psychotherapist trained in EMDR, and I completed training at The Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy's Trauma Studies Center. I'm certified with MAPS in MDMA- assisted therapy. I also completed training with Fluence and Journey Clinical, with additional training from Polaris, in ketamine- assisted therapy. I provide psychedelic integration therapy, and can also help prepare clients for their experience with psychedelics.