Leah Hoffman, LCSW

Hudson WI
I specialize in working with highly motivated individuals and couples wanting to improve their connection to self and others and feel a sense of safety and support as they navigate their world. My work focuses on helping clients understand how their attachment history, relationship dynamics, and societal messages impact their present day lives. In our sessions we work toward healing past trauma, untangle complicated relationship dynamics, and learn how to build a loving and authentic sense of self. My clients learn how to increase their connection to others, build vulnerability safety, and maintain healthy relationships. By offering a holistic approach to healing, we connect the mind, body, and soul to achieve recovery. Our work together may or may not include supporting you in integrating upcoming or recent experiences with psychedelics, and exploring how your experience has impacted your level of safety in navigating the world.
Welcome - I am glad you're here! My deep desire to understand myself and the people around me is what led me to begin my journey to the world of therapy and counseling. Through my professional training, diverse clinical experience, and personal healing journey, I discovered my desire to devote my time and energy to support and empower clients to believe in themselves, build healthy relationships, and create a world where they feel safe, authentic, and recognized. Throughout my life, I have enjoyed working with individuals one-on-one—listening to their stories, learning about their greatest desires, and understanding their hopes of forging deep and meaningful connections with others. I used to say that I “fell” into the world of therapy, but looking back (and with the guidance of my own therapists and teachers), I realized that getting into this field was no coincidence. I was seeking a deeper understanding of myself, my relationships, as well as the world that I am trying to navigate through. My own healing journey has built the foundation of compassion and care I hold for all of my clients.