Leigh Shaw, LCSW

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
Seattle WA
Collaboration - I offer informed support and an authentically caring environment for the work my clients are wanting to pursue - be that involving non-ordinary states of consciousness (NOSC) or the daily navigation of life. My clients are supported through Telehealth sessions and some in-person services for those located in Seattle, WA at the Syzygy Psychotherapy Collective: https://www.syzygy-therapy.com/ I believe intentional preparation and integration work is extremely supportive in bringing more insight and benefit to expansive explorations. I practice a harm-reduction approach to psychedelic work, hoping to increase the benefit and support the sometimes challenging impact of these explorations by providing education and a safe place to explore, harvest and integrate insights. Please do not contact me for any illegal substances. I do not provide any illegal substances or services and will not respond to inquiries about those requests.
The arts founded my passion for human story, creativity and transformation which is why I pursued a Bachelors in Theatre and Performance. From there my journey took me through travel and finding movement and inquiry-based dialogue with the inner intelligence of my body which brought me to understand the need for our body-homes to be included in our healing, always. When I started to explore what kind of work would allow transformation, creativity and compassion to be at the heart of what I do every day - I became a therapist through the systems oriented and anti-oppression lens of a clinical social worker. I am so excited to be in this field as it in blossoming into a new era of exploration and access to alternative healing practices - some of which are many thousands of years old in our human history. To be collaborating on this work weaving medicines, ritual and visionary practice into what we “remember” as healing work, is so inspiring. I am grateful to be here and to be supporting others in this movement.