Leland Newman, LCSW

Outpatient Therapist
Kinnelon NJ
My approach is open and honest; I seek to foster a strong therapeutic relationship in order to help you be successful. Ultimately, I work for you during our therapy sessions. Our sessions will not be intended to impose my thoughts or decisions upon you but to aid you in seeing the possibilities laid out before you and help you make your most empowered decision. I have success in working with clients experiencing depression, anxiety, and a variety of challenges from other mental disorders. Working together, I am confident we can find success for you as well.
I have always been a naturally supportive, intuitive listener with a knack for understanding what it is that is bothering someone. Life has prepared me, professionally and personally, to provide support to people and create change in their lives. Through education, I have learned the skills necessary to provide a proper therapeutic space for clients. Through personal experience, I have found holistic and natural ways to heal, integrate, and find peace. I have followed my path, and I look forward to the opportunity for our paths to meet.