Leo Teles, LMFT, MA

Licensed Psychotherapist
Palm Springs CA
The way I work, simply put, is all about you. It’s about your goals and what is important for you to achieve. This means I will not only witness your growth process and encourage you, but I will also tell you whenever I feel you are preventing yourself from becoming the person you want to be. I will ask you questions to understand exactly what is happening with you. For example, if you tell me, “I'm anxious”, I won't assume what that means based upon my own beliefs, but rather I will be curious, ask questions and I will try to learn more about what that means to you. Let me help you. Congratulations and welcome! You just took the first step toward a change and I am happy to help you search for a new path in life. Nobody knows your life better than yourself. Together, we can collaborate and find solutions and changes you want to implement.
I am Psychedelic friendly :) Originally born in Brazil, but earned my first Master's Degree (Migration Studies) in the UK in 2009. I moved to the US in 2012 and earned my 2nd Master's Degree at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). My website is: www.leoteleslmft.com