Lina Návar, MA, MEd, LPC, RYT

Holistic Counselor and Coach
Austin TX
Hi! My name is Lina, and my passion is to facilitate whole person healing. In a safe and non-judgmental space, I offer Holistic Integration Therapy; an embodied psycho-spiritual integration approach I use with my clients for reflecting and acting upon the insights and lessons learned during the ketamine infusion delivered by medical professionals, or psychedelic experiences that are a direct result of post spiritual rituals within a ceremony or retreat directed by a shaman/spiritual practitioner in a sacred group setting. Holistic integration Therapy is for individuals who choose to take psychedelics for spiritual and therapeutic purposes. It goes beyond focusing intentions for specific journeys in the short term; it involves the use of a variety of psychological, spiritual, and somatic tools and the client’s collaborative effort that includes drawing insights from within and integrating them into their life for the purpose of achieving a greater self-liberation and realization. During a session, I pay close attention to sensation and body states, which allow unconscious material to manifest and possibly be worked with using breath, spatial awareness, consented therapeutic touch, movement, sensation, and imagery. Moreover, Embodied Spirituality points to the body as a creative indwelling where spiritual life resides and is waiting to emerge. *Please note that I don’t recommend psychedelics, tell you where to get them, or help you choose which one to use. However, I do help my clients, who decide to use psychedelics as part of their spiritual and therapeutic pursuits, to access their own spiritual and somatic intelligence for healing and guidance. Because psychedelics can be misused and abused I do not work with individuals who are experiencing active addiction. Though I believe you can certainly work to integrate a sacred medicine experience on your own, it may be very helpful to have a specialized holistic counselor to navigate difficult emotions and support your healing process in order to maximize the therapeutic potential of the experience. Otherwise, the revelations may fade away and the pull of day-to-day life may find one settling back into old habits and patterns.
In my journey, I have dedicated many, many years to my own self-healing, spiritual, growth, and professional development, and continue to do so. Hence, because I have gone through my own healing journey with depression, anxiety, trauma, and vast spiritual exploration, among other things, I know how to get through and move beyond difficulties that seem insurmountable, at the time they’re happening. I value diversity and multiculturalism, and I am a native Spanish speaker. Also, I am LGBTQIA+ allied, non-binary allied, racial justice allied, blind allied, cancer survivorship allied, and a supporter of body positivity. I love dancing, reading, walking the labyrinth, learning new things, experiencing different cultures, traveling abroad whenever possible, spending time out in nature, sitting by large bodies of water, and loving on the people and animals in my life. In relational partnerships with my clients, I have been led to incorporate a wide variety of therapeutic practices that integrate body, mind, heart, and spirit. Spiritually, I am aware of how my work may be influenced by Jungian Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Embodied Spirituality, Centering Prayer, Zen Buddhism, Shambhala Buddhism, The Realization Process, Shamanic Journeying and Healing, A Course in Miracles, and Kundalini Yoga as these have been some of the areas of exploration and practice in my own healing journey. Let me know if you feel drawn to invite me to be a part of your transformative journey! If so, I warmly invite you to schedule a free 20-minute meet-and-greet consultation on Zoom to connect, see if we are a good fit for each other, and very importantly, discuss the movement you would like to experience in your life as a result of whole person healing.