Lincoln Stoller, PhD, CHt

Victoria BC
We work quickly and we go deep. We develop trust and rapport and we rely on dreams, associations, and our subconscious. I'm interested in knowing what you think is right or wrong with you and with others, but it is always the case that there are other aspects, goals, means, needs, and understandings within yourself that are not yet speaking, or are not speaking to each other. Our goal is to open a dialog with new or unrevealed parts of yourself so that you can be mentored by your higher self. We work at three levels: the conscious, the subconscious, and the somatic. Most people only work with their conscious minds, as this is the realm of reason and prediction, but it cannot offer understanding. Understanding only resides in the subconscious but this is not a realm of reason, it's a realm of association and history. The third level, the somatic, is learning to listen to your body and to understand that perceptions form your reality but are not THE reality. Each person builds their own reality and you can shape your perceptions. You begin by perceiving your body more deeply, and that means connecting with a host of systems, feelings, and voices that reside in all parts of your body. It means getting below your armor. Our primary goal is helping you get outside your head, to see beyond reason and the narrow view of the conscious mind. To see beyond trauma, depression, and fear. To appreciate, communicate, and find a permanent residence in a world of meaning, purpose, and inspiration. I do not rely on diagnosis. I do not pursue or cure illness. I do not subscribe to any clinical or academic methodology. You are the source of what you need and what you can understand. My role is simply to make your path clear and to help clear your path.
From a family of artists and architects I became a scientist, finding inspiration in a succession of extraordinary mentors. A Caribbean fisherman and prophet, a tribal elder in the jungles of Panama, one physicist who invented quantum mechanics, another who invented the laser, and a dirt-bag mountaineer, to name a few. I spent a decade climbing mountains and traveling the world, 15 years as a physicist and astronomer in California, Massachusetts, and Texas, and 20 years as a software architect in New York. I began exploring altered states 50 years ago, psychedelics 25 years ago, and therapy 15 years ago when I developed and offered brain training protocols. I am now a hypnotherapist, neuropsychotherapist, counselor, author, and educator. I practice remotely and am based in British Columbia, Canada. Using the tools I have collected—combining my experience in somatic learning, scientific theory, and consciousness—I help people understand the reality they create. Because I am independent I doubt everything, and can insist on a comprehensive, personal understanding. This is what I do with my clients. I support them on their path to reinvent themselves and, if you are ready to explore your subconscious, this can happen quickly. Everything you can accomplish you will accomplish using your mind. Medicines have a minimal effect and what effect they do have is to help you understand how to create these substances in yourself. What you accomplish will depend on your ability to focus, perceive, create, integrate, and understand. You are here to leave footprints and make waves.