Lincoln Stoller, PhD, CHt, CCPCPr

Clinical counselor, EEG neurofeedback therapist, hypnotherapist, psychedelic support, life coach, education mentor
Victoria BC
We work at conscious, subconscious, and somatic levels. Together, we develop rapport. We rely on dreams, associations, and our subconscious minds. I'm interested in knowing what you think and in seeing the world through your eyes. My resilience becomes yours. Psychedelics are nothing special; altered states have been an essential path for millennia. These are not drugs or medicines, they are chemicals that speak to your soul. No one owns them and no one can speak for them. Pay little attention to the little people behind the curtains of authority. Your psychedelic experience is your own, and it is unique. • First, bring forward all your goals, means, needs, and understandings. • Second, look beyond explanation toward understanding. • Third, listen to your body and spirit. This is growth work. If you're weak, it can make you strong. If you're sick, it can make you well. If you're crazy, it can make you sane, and it can also do the opposite. Find inspiration by looking beyond the familiar. Stop intellectualizing. I do not rely on diagnosis. I do not pursue or cure illness. I do not subscribe to any one method. You are the source of what you need. My role is simply to help you clear the path.
I started as a scientist finding inspiration in extraordinary mentors: a physicist who invented quantum chemistry, another who invented the laser, a poet and neurophysiologist, a Caribbean fisherman, a tribal elder in the Darien jungle, and a dirt-bag mountaineer. I spent a decade climbing mountains and traveling the world, 15 years as a physicist and astronomer in California, Massachusetts, and Texas, and 20 years as a software architect in New York. I began exploring altered states 50 years ago through mountaineering, journeying, and ceremony; psychedelics 25 years ago; and therapy 15 years ago developing EEG brain training protocols. I am now a hypnotherapist, neuro-psychologist, EEG brain trainer, counselor, author, educator, and shaman of sorts.
I offer classes in sleep therapy, dream work, independent learning, and the psychology of achievement. Sleep: to improve sleep and integrate your rhythms. Dream work: to build a dialog with your subconscious. Brain training: you are only as capable as your brain is able. Learning: designing programs of personal growth. Achievement: relationships for engagement, alliance, collaboration, and problem-solving.