Lindley Reynolds, LCSW, RYT

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Chapel Hill NC
I provide a nonjudgemental, safe, and supportive atmosphere for self exploration and integration of psychedelic experiences or expanded states.
I am a licensed clinical social worker residing in NC. I was recently trained and completed certification as a psychedelic assisted therapy provider from the integrative psychiatry institute. I am currently enrolled in the MAPS MDMA Assisted Therapy coursework. I also volunteer occasionally for Fireside Project which is a non-profit organization that provides psychedelic emotional support. I love the power of presence and connection with community and engaging in nourishing, playful, and creative practices with others. My spiritual connection with Earth is extremely important to me and I hope to help others connect with nature through their experiences and integration practices. When I am not working or spending time with others, I am usually outside, doing yoga, hiking, or spending time with my dog.
Preparation and Integration Coaching