Lindsay Brock Coulter, MAAT

Certified Psychedelic Assisted Therapist
Tulum ROO
I approach psychedelics from a relational lens. Building trust, safety and rapport with each person I serve.
I'm a psychedelic therapist and consultant. I know from personal experience the importance of psychedelic support and integration. Whether you're microdosing, new to psychedelics all together or want to go deeper, a trusted guide is essential to the journey. I've been taking psychedelics for almost two decades and have shifted my own relationship with these powerful teachers. I'm fully aware of how transformative they can be when we "go inward" and reveal hidden parts of ourselves. I'm also more than experienced in how challenging these experiences can be both during and afterwards. My practices of breathwork, mindfulness meditation, and yoga are essential resources in preparing for and integrating these powerful medicines.
Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Psychedelic Guidance & Consulting Acoustics & Sound Healing for psychedelics