Lindsay (swuan) Brock Coulter, LPC, ATR

therapist and consultant
Tulum ROO
I have a remote office and a physical office in Tulum Mexico. I offer consulting and integration online through my company Virgil Consultations I provide psychedelic and plant medicine journeys in Tulum. These can range from a 2 hour ceremony to a 3 day overnight stay at the "office" (also an airbnb!)
I'm a psychedelic assisted therapist and entheogenic dj. I believe safely guiding people to the edges of their fear and beyond is the best way to help people truly live. I've used psychedelics and plant medicines to connect deeper with myself, others, the earth, dimensions and realities beyond this one. They've helped me "wake up" from any carefully constructed fear-based self that may be lingering. These plants and molecules have a lot to teach us. I'm here to listen. And to help others listen. I live in Tulum Mexico with access to a wide variety of medicines, teachers, shamans and therapists. I'm continually learning and experiencing.
Plant Medicine Integration Entheogenic Practices Consultation Psychedelic and Plant Medicine Journeys