Lindsey Pratt, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
New York City NY
My philosophy of life is founded on a deep appreciation for my relationships with others, with nature, and with the power of introspection. I feel most alive when I'm connecting with people, alone in the woods, or wandering somewhere in between in this crazy city! My office is here to share with you, and will hopefully serve as a sanctuary space to help you slow down, reflect, and grow. We all deserve more time and space to simply "be," and I'd love to help you find the hour to breathe in life more deeply. If you are hoping to explore your sense of self with a therapist who will work with you and do more than just sit back and nod, then I would love to hear from you soon!
Welcome, and thanks for your interest in who I am and the deeply unique work that we may embark on together. If your goal is to better navigate issues, examine relationship patterns, explore your identity, and learn ways of thinking to promote lasting change, then you've come to the right place. My ultimate goal is to assist you in your journey towards a more satisfied self, no matter what your reason for coming to therapy. I particularly love supporting clients working on psychedelic integration, incorporating spirituality into their lives, healing from trauma or substance use, and moving through challenging relationships (friendships, partnerships, children, or family-of-origin).