Linnea Van Kirk, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
La Quinta CA
Psychedelics are not a choice for everyone, but for those who do take this very personal step, it can be beneficial to have someone walk beside you as you plan for and process the experience. I offer services to those who are just starting out, those who have already begun, and those who may have had a negative experience and need to make sense of it. If you start the full service, we begin by looking at your life-story to identify the problems and events that you feel have had the most impact on you. We explore how to best language your intentions so, “I just want to let go of the anger over what has happened to me,” can become, “I want to learn how my traumas have made me stronger.” We all tend to look at what is holding us back, and there is great benefit in identifying what is also holding us up. We work together to set your intentions, and after your experience we discuss what happened and process how it has most impacted you. If needed, we can work on developing an alternative perspective to your narrative, one that reflects your true nature, and allows you to claim your story as your own. This may help you identify what is emotionally and mentally valuable to keep, and what is best to let go. It may also allow you to see how your past actions and choices have all played a valuable role in shaping you into the remarkable person you are. When you can change a lifetime of regrets into a treasure-trove of identified strengths, it benefits all areas of life. Through this process you may finally unlock your own potential, not because it will suddenly appear, but because you are finally able to accept that it has been there the whole time.
My journey to becoming a psychedelic therapy practitioner began in 2009 as a children’s behavioral specialist. I worked in community mental health until I became licensed and opened my private practice in 2017. I identify primarily as a Narrative Therapist, and my specialty has long been with working with victims of family abuse. Over my years in practice, I saw many clients struggle to improve, regardless of regular therapy and pharmaceutical interventions, and I was frustrated that I did have more to offer. I felt strongly that there should be an alternative but was discouraged at the lack of options. I have had the benefit of my own experiences with the healing power of psychedelics, but the concept of integrating this into my clinical practice seemed far-fetched, until some of my clients started using them on their own. At first, I was only doing the periodic integration sessions, but soon it became a regular part of my practice. While I was happy to be providing the services, it felt like I was operating in the shadows. It was not something that I could talk about openly with other colleagues, which I believe is a key component to providing optimal therapy. Now we are on the cusp of this becoming a legitimately recognized practice, and I can attend trainings and network with other professionals in this field. This is invaluable in continuing to move this practice further into the light, and it is so exciting to see this merging of an ancient tradition with a new frontier of therapeutic services. I am so grateful to be part of this emerging field and am delighted to be able to offer it to you. I have had the privilege of working with a variety of clients who have sought out this path, and I would be honored to help you on your own trans-formative journey.