Lisa LaDue, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
Fort Collins CO
As a humanistic, cognitive therapist trained in family therapy with a systems approach, I learned through my work in post-disaster settings that trauma cannot be resolved through classic "talk therapy. A deep dive into learning about trauma led me to integrate Somatic Experiencing into my sessions with clients. I learned to acknowledge suffering as part of life and to approach trauma sensitively and respectfully through a somatic, spiritual lens. During therapy and integration sessions I offer body-mind-spirit awareness with others, using mindfulness and somatic techniques to assist with trauma resolution when appropriate.
I am an adventuresome, growth-focused individual who has lived long enough to enjoy and appreciate the life I live. I have traveled and lived in many places, allowing me to gain a valuable perspective of life, humans, and our environments. My professional career has been varied and colorful, with an 8-year period of serving as a volunteer firefighter in the mountains of Colorado and over 20 years as a humanitarian in worldwide disaster settings. I encountered psychedelics long after many of my college peers in the 70s and am grateful to have the insights and lessons they have given me.