Lisa Schwartz, MD

Psychedelic Medicine Physician. Ketamine Assisted Therapy Physician. Board Certified in Internal Medicine.
Brighton NY
I invite you to join me in this work supporting your aliveness and well-being .My mission is to provide this transformational tool in a safe, ethical, and professional setting, helping you navigate your healing journey and integrating body, soul, heart, mind and spirit.
With over 25 years of experience as a Board Certified Internal Medicine/Primary Care physician in Rochester, I’ve transitioned my holistic healthcare practice to focus on Ketamine Assisted Therapy. In addition to my KAP training I am also a graduate of the 2022 CIIS Certificate in Psychedelic Therapy and Research program and an Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine/Primary Care at the University of Rochester Medical Center. I am dedicated to offering comprehensive care, expert guidance, and a safe, open-hearted space. I believe in the profound power of this medicine for deep self-exploration within a personalized, thoughtful, and trusting relationship.