Lisa Smith, LPC

Washington DC
I'm a psychotherapist, couples counselor, and sex therapist who provides Ketamine Assisted Therapy and Psychedelic Prep & Integration to individuals, couples, and groups. I'm passionate about helping folks heal from trauma and anxiety, deepen their relationships with themselves and others, and explore identities. I enjoy working with clients who identify as queer, heterosexual, and a wide range of other identities. I'm kink- and ENM-affirmative, and work to hold a non-oppressive frame. I believe that you have a powerful inner healing wisdom that guides you in your growth and healing, and that we're partners on your journey. Clients have told me that they appreciate my warm, non-judgmental, and collaborative approach.
I hold an MS in Counseling from Johns Hopkins University, and am a Licensed Professional Counselor and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. I have postgraduate training in psychedelic assisted psychotherapy from the Ketamine Training Center (KAP/IFS), Polaris Insight Center (KAP), MAPS, and Horizons.
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