Lisa Vaughan, LMHCA

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate
Seattle WA
I work with clients individually in a relational, therapeutic container. I see clients for ongoing talk therapy supported by Psychedelic journey's, for psychedelic integration support as well as Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). KAP treatment includes preparation sessions prior to each Ketamine session followed by integration sessions for a series or ongoing support. The number of sessions depends on the individual but usually ranges between 3-6 Ketamine sessions with prep and integration support.
Healing is an intimate journey towards ever greater wholeness (acceptance, compassion, and integration of all parts of ourselves). I value the sacred opportunity to join alongside you. Therapy is a unique endeavor; one in which you the client and me as therapist collaborate to create a space for the unburdening of life’s stressors, of pain, grief, sorrow, and confusion as well as space to seek answers to existential questions about what gives life meaning; being witness to your growth as you unfurl, soften, and ultimately discover deeper compassion for self and others. I am passionate about the Hakomi principal of organicity: “healing is not fixing or forcing, but self-REcreation, restoring a split into communication and connection with the whole. Healing is done by the client from the inside – meaning it has an internal wisdom that is self-directing and self-correcting, orienting towards increased wholeness”. One of my goals is to assist you in accessing this deep, evolutionary, and transpersonal orientation towards self-actualization or wholeness. Physiologically our nervous systems are conditioned over time to react to our environment (including our relationships) in patterned and predictable ways. Through contemplative self-study you can unlearn these patterns and create enough space within yourself – to open a door towards increased freedom to choose your response, rather than to be carried away by your conditioning. I spent nearly 20 years as a public-school teacher and I’ve traveled the world over searching for meaning and self-discovery; deep in the jungles of Peru, into the Himalayan Mountains and Ganges River of India, to the Buddhist temples of Japan, and the gothic churches along the Camino de Santiago of Spain. But in 2012 I stumbled upon a recorded lecture by Ram Dass, former Harvard psychologist turned yogi, which catalyzed my personal journey (an expansive excavation of my own psyche and a mid-life career refresh)! As I turned my attention to this inner journey, I found caverns of unresolved grief, attachment wounds, shame, and internalized oppression from a culture bound to status and status symbols… AND I found healing through the therapeutic process and relationship.