Elizabeth Arnold, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, Psychedelic Integration Therapist, Artist, Mother
Cold Spring NY
Medicine work can unlock somatic, bodily memories. the type of memory that surfaces when an entheogen unhooks us from the internal narrator who organizes experience through language and words. A psychedelic experience jump-starts personal transformations that unfold over weeks, months and years. I work with clients before and/or after a psychedelic experience for Preparation and Integration. I help clients' prepare for these journeys and then weave these often spiritual/mystical insights and experiences back into their day-to-day lives. Often we work with the symbolism of psychedelic insights in the same way we might work with dream images.
Dr Arnold is a clinical psychologist and visual artist. She has worked with complex trauma and psychosomatic symptoms for 35 years, training in NYC on inpatient units, within the prison system, with combat vets, and with children, adolescents, and adults. She holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and two Masters degrees from Columbia University, Teachers College, and a Masters Degree from Harvard University. In the last few years she has immersed in indigenous medicine traditions, dieting and learning within two familial lineages along the Amazon in Peru. In September 2023 she initiated in the M'Bandji tradition in Gabon, Africa with the Master plant spirit of Iboga. She has dieted a number of Amazonian Master Plants and has understanding of the complexities of bridging radically different cosmologies, trying to integrate what is learned in the geographical and metaphysical landscapes of plant medicines back into daily life. Currently, she is beginning a third year of a more formal training program in psychedelic medicines: ( https://www.psychedelicmedicine.net ) Dr Arnold specializes in supporting clients' psychedelic and spiritual integration, and also in the Supervision of psychedelic therapists as they work with clients with complex traumas and layers of developmental wounding. She has a special interest in nurturing creativity across the lifespan.
* I do not provide substances or guided journeys.