Elizabeth Arnold, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, Psychedelic Integration Therapist, Artist, Mother
Cold Spring NY
A psychedelic experience creates potential for personal transformation that can unfold over weeks, months or even years. I work with clients before and/or after a psychedelic experience for preparation and integration. As a visual artist, the non-verbal nature of many 'journey insights' is a natural language. Oftentimes the 'visuals' or the visceral, kinesthetic 'knowings', like the symbolism of dream images, contains the multiverse of meaning. i am available, as well, for in-depth work around Master Plant Dietas.
Dr Arnold is a clinical psychologist and visual artist. She has worked with complex trauma and psychosomatic symptoms for 35 years, training in NYC on inpatient units, within the prison system, with combat veterans in the VA system, and with children, adolescents, and adults. She holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University, Teachers College, and a Masters Degree in Counseling and Consulting Psychology from the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University. She travels often, learning by immersing in indigenous medicine traditions (Shipibo, Ashaninka, Bwiti, and A'i Cofan), always returning to clinical practice and life in the Hudson Valley in NYS, integrating what is learned in the geographical and metaphysical landscapes of plant medicines back into daily life. The process of art-making has been pivotal in bridging these transitions between radically different cosmologies, a medium for 'ineffable', spiritual experiences to be manifested and integrated.
* I do not provide substances or guided journeys.