Elizabeth Arnold, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, Psychedelic Integration Therapist, Artist, Mom
Cold Spring NY
I work with clients before and/or after a psychedelic experience for Preparation and Integration. A psychedelic experience jump-starts personal transformations that unfold over weeks, months and years. Medicine work can unlock somatic, bodily memories. the type of memory that surfaces when an entheogen unhooks us from the internal narrator who organizes experience through language and words. I help clients' prepare for these journeys and then weave these often spiritual/mystical insights and experiences back into their day-to-day lives. Often we work with the symbolism of psychedelic insights in the same way we might work with dream images.
Dr Arnold is a clinical psychologist with 30+ years experience. She specializes in supporting clients' psychedelic and spiritual integration, nurturing creativity across the lifespan, treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, and "Psychosomatic" symptoms. She is an exhibiting mixed media artist. She holds a Doctorate from Columbia University, Teachers College, and a Masters Degree from Harvard University.
* I do not provide substances or guided journeys.