Liz Marsh, LCSW, ATR, CGP

Washington DC
I work from a relational therapeutic perspective using a combination of trauma-informed, mindfulness, and expressive arts related modalities. I do not provide KAP for clients who are suffering from serious depression or addiction, but I am happy to help you find a good referral for someone who does. Instead, I'm interested in working with artists and activists, people who are stuck in particular life transitions, or are looking to expand their relational approach to others.
I am a Clinical Social Worker, Art Therapist, and Group Psychotherapist offering Ketamine Assisted Therapy and Psychedelic Prep & Integration to individuals, couples, and groups. I work with a wonderful mix of clients who are diverse in their experiences and identities, combining relational therapy and the expressive arts to give clients the tools and space to create fulfilling lives and relationships for themselves. I strive to help each client find their personal agency through understanding the dynamics in their families of origin AND the systems in our society as a whole. In this way, I see mental healthcare as tool for social justice.