Liz Thomas, PhD, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Salt Lake City UT
I work with clients both one-on-one and in group formats to help them prepare for and to integrate psychedelic journeys. I am also the founder and owner of Alchemized Body, where I teach various courses on working with psychedelics, using herbal allies, and a 10-week course for those struggling with or seeking to better understand disordered eating. In it we unpack disordered eating mentalities and behaviors, while also exploring a wide range of therapeutic techniques, in order to promote peace with and within the body. Alchemy, which is central to Jungian approaches, is about transformation; and deep, meaningful, measurable, and enduring personal transformation is at the heart of my clinical and academic work. I absolutely believe that change is possible. I have experienced such transformation personally, and I have witnessed it in my clinical work. This transformation is less about becoming than it is about unbecoming. It’s a process of shedding the things that separate us from our authentic selves and our feelings, exploring and reclaiming our abandoned parts, and rewriting our narratives to align with our authentic selves. It is in finding ourselves that we find our greatest power — our inner healing intelligence. Hence, my work is focused on helping others tap into their own wisdom and power. You are the expert and authority on you. I trust in your innate wisdom, and that you intuitively sense what is needed to enact enduring healing, as well as holistic health and wellbeing.
Hi, my name is Liz (she/her), and I am a therapist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Throughout my life I have consistently been drawn to finding freedom, holistic health, and psychological and spiritual wellbeing for myself and for others. We each have values that guide our life paths, and mine is freedom. Freedom to think and feel; freedom to speak; freedom to choose; freedom to change; freedom to love; freedom from trauma, disease & disorder; & freedom to be YOU. Clinically, I specialize in the treatment of disordered eating, as well as in disorders related to stress and coping more broadly (including anxiety, depression, and PTSD; various forms of addiction; chronic pain; and metabolic syndromes). I have over a decade of experience working as a licensed clinical therapist treating disordered eating and cooccurring disorders and conditions in inpatient, residential, and outpatient settings. I have also worked as an assistant professor at the University of Tennessee, where I taught bachelors, masters, and doctoral level courses, including courses related to neurophysiological development. My research has been focused on examining the clinical effectiveness of mindfulness interventions as a means of addressing disordered eating behaviors and promoting cognitive flexibility, distress tolerance, and eudemonic wellbeing. I am particularly interested in the effects of allostatic load (the cumulative psychophysiological burden of chronic stress, adverse childhood experiences, trauma, epigenetics, and social determinants of health), which drives demographic disparities in the various manifestations of disease and disorders. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community I am also passionate about supporting those who are exploring their identities or processing internalized stigma. I have also served in the military for over 20 years in various capacities, and am passionate about helping veterans impacted by combat stress, moral injuries, systemic discrimination, and sexual trauma. Additionally, I have both personal and clinical experience navigating faith questions, crises, or transitions.
Various courses on disordered eating, psychedelics, and herbal allies for healing Psychedelic Integration