Lucid Therapeutics

Santa Barbara CA
Built on Best Practices. We are not another infusion center. We collaboratively discover your intentions for the therapy, build a customized care plan, and pair you with an integration coach who partners with you every step of the way to ensure you make meaning of your treatment. Motivated by Meaning. We make your treatment about your story. We learn who you are, take the time to deeply understand what’s not serving you anymore, and shepherd you through this transformation with compassion, so you experience the results you desire. Founded by Forerunners. We know that we can only take you as far as we have been. We were early adopters of this treatment and have experienced the power of it in our own lives, ensuring we take you beyond an injection with a nuanced and personalized care plan that brings healing.
We’re not just giving you medicine – we’re teaching you to love yourself. At Lucid Therapeutics, we provide you with the best standard of care for your ketamine therapy and integration. Our goal is to help you experience the best possible results that enable you move from a place of feeling suck into a place of agency and energy to live the life you desire.
Ketamine Assisted Therapy