Lydia Charak, RP, MA-EXAT, CIP, CMS, PAT

Registered Psychotherapist
Toronto ON
Lydia comes to this line of work honestly. She is no stranger to personal trauma and its repercussions and how profoundly this has affected her. This no doubt has had a major part to play in a lifetime of curiosity about what makes people tick, how their past relates to their present situations and how they can overcome difficulties in their lives however large or small. The work is primary pain focussed with the understanding that emotional healing is best treated holistically.
Lydia is a Registered Psychotherapist, Expressive Arts Therapist, Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner and a Clearing Method Specialist in private practice currently seeing clients on-line and in-person in the east end of Toronto. She is LGBTQ+ positive, culturally sensitive, and works with a trauma-informed approach treating individuals and groups of all ages who struggle with mental health issues and navigating transitions and difficulties in their lives. She also enjoys working with individuals wishing to explore the concept of legacy and a desire to be more creative.
Talk Therapy, Expressive Arts, Compassionate Inquiry, The Clearing Method, Psychedelics Assisted Therapy - Preparation and Integration.