Lyndsey Lyons, LPC

Boulder CO
How I work with clients varies very much for each individual. I strongly value the therapeutic container and the importance of establishing safety before diving into medicine work. I hold that healing is a non-linear journey, and that each person I work with holds an innate knowing of their path. I'm honored and humbled to witness and support so many amazing people in their process. I'm an advocate of gentleness, fearlessness, and discernment. Through my spirituality and medicine work, I've come to see how connected we all are. Through my social justice work, I've come honor difference. Through struggle I've come to appreciate paradox :)
I have a deep respect and awe for sacred medicine and the gifts they offer us to grow and heal. My journey to psychedelics, like many, began from my own suffering and interest in exploring the depth beyond my ordinary mind. I contribute much of my healing around my sexuality and relational wounds to intentional use of various sacred medicines. My own healing path led me to want to support others in this work. I've worked in a Ketamine and Cannabis therapy center ( where we now offer trainings for practitioners in somatic psychedelic therapy. I am a co-founder of The Love, Sex, and Gender Center (, where we offer sex therapy, couples therapy, and ketamine assisted therapy. I believe one of the greatest strengths in a therapist or guide is to be actively engaged in their personal work. I am deeply grateful to be a participating student in a 3 year intensive psychedelic therapy program ( )