Maddie Vann, LPC, CSAC, RYT

Williamsburg VA
Virtually or in-person, I use talk therapy, expressive therapies, and mind body embodied approaches to maximize healing and freedom.
I am a counselor and yoga therapy apprentice based in Williamsburg, VA. I am the wife of a retired USN SBC and the mother of four. I am a yoga teacher, a yoga practitioner and studying to be a yoga therapist. In previous manifestations in this life I was a public health policy developer, a public relations specialist, and a journalist ... and a waitress, which is the job that taught me the most about life, people, and work (and how to make a good cup of coffee, sweet tea correctly and a fine strawberry pie). I am a writer, contemplative, mostly Buddhist person who prefers to be outdoors and who believes firmly that "there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in our philosophies" (Shakespeare). I am committed to your freedom, and to mine, and to the journey that will get us there.