Madeleine (Maddi) Turner, MA, LMHC-A

Licensed Mental Health Counselor - Associate
Seattle WA
I work with adult clients around how to better manage stress, cope with anxiety and depression, explore their sense of self, and develop a greater connection to their spirituality. Psychedelic therapies can fast track the path to healing, however you must be an active participant in this journey and be willing to do the Work to integrate and maintain this momentum. While I have expertise in various areas, YOU are the expert in your experience. All that you seek is already within you, and I am honored to be a witness and support in your journey back to yourself.
As I've navigated through life and the world, I've witnessed the great emotional pain, exhaustion, and confusion in the human community. People were desperate for help, but didn't know what they needed or where to begin. This led me to dig deep within myself to discover how to answer this call for help. I realized the best way to help others was to share the wisdom, insight, and tools I had gathered through my own journey.