Madeleine Turner, MA, LMHC-A

Licensed Mental Health Counselor - Associate
Seattle WA
I work in an integrative clinic in collaboration with medical (palliative care) doctors, naturopathic doctors, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and registered nurses. I offer talk therapy, cannabis assisted psychotherapy, psychedelic assisted psychotherapy, and integration psychotherapy. Assisted psychotherapies can allow clients to move through barriers in their unconscious that may be preventing them from moving forward. Integration psychotherapy offers opportunities for the implementation of insights into daily life.
Through my own healing journey I have come to discover the transformative benefits psychedelic assisted therapies can have on the psyche, soma, and spirit. Along this journey, I heard the call from the human community for greater emotional support which led me to attain a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Bastyr University in 2021. I plan to use this knowledge and training to further help the human community find peace and healing.