Mai Shimada, MD

San Francisco CA
At Isha Health(, we provide low-dose ketamine therapy in CA, CO, WA, AZ, NY, and FL. All the interactions between clients and clinicians happen on our HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform. I work very closely with your existing care team and provide ketamine therapy primarily online. All the medications and equipment are shipped to your home. You will have access to a HIPAA-compliant smartphone app where you can answer clinical questionnaires and a daily mood log to keep track of your progress.
I am the founder and medical director at Isha Health. I was trained in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy at Polaris and completed psychedelic facilitation program at the UC Berkeley.
Our approach is to help patients make progress steadily with low-dose ketamine therapy. You can either work with your own psychotherapist or with one of our collaborating trained and experienced psychotherapists for your treatment.