Manoj Doss, DO, MPA, MUSA

CEO and Founder
Eden Prairie MN
My role as the medical director is to perform medical evaluations on all prospective patients. I will perform a thorough exam, including review of medical records if necessary. We will discuss the risks and benefits to ensure you are able to make an informed decision on whether this treatment is right for you. Should you choose to proceed, I will decide which route (sub-lingual or intra-muscular) and what dosage is most appropriate for you. On the day of your journey, I will act as a co-facilitator with your therapist. Your safety is my primary responsibility. I make every effort to ensure that this treatment is safely and ethically administered. Our model is a split treatment team in a shared setting, where I am the prescribing physician working in tandem with a therapist. It allows us to employ a very effective, multi-disciplinary approach to care. In this model you are receiving care from highly trained professionals in their respective fields.
I am a board-certified physician that is a co-founder of the first psychedelic medicine clinic in Minnesota. My passion in psychedelic medicine stems from a recognition that many of my patients were suffering from depression, anxiety and trauma, but were not realizing any benefits from current treatment options. It occurred to me that there has been very little innovation in behavioral health compared to all other fields of medicine over the last 20+ years. Personal experiences inform me about the power of these medications, but it is not why I decided to start this clinic. People are suffering in the country, and we need new, evidence-based modalities that do not follow a purely, biologic model. I want to be the type of physician that leverages the science to augment a holistic approach to care. As this field grows, I want my clinic to be a standard in the ethical practice of psychedelic medicine.
Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy