Maria Lolo, MSc

Psychologist, Psychedelic facilitator
Berlin BE
As a holistic counsellor, my approach takes into account not only the mind but also the physical and spiritual elements of the individual. It is an integrative and human-centred method that focuses on unlocking a person’s inner resources to heal and achieve their goals. My objective is to create a comfortable space that enables people to explore these aspects at their own pace with me as a support partner. Following an integrative approach; informed by Attachment Theory, Neuropsychological findings, and Mind-body interventions, our work together will involve a combination of verbal communication, somatic awareness exercises, mindfulness, and, if we both consider it appropriate, bodywork.
Gaining a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the human mind has always been my passion. My core professional focus is on attachment difficulties, the interconnection between our physical, mental and spiritual life, and the use of psychedelics as a tool for healing and personal growth. The propeller for me adopting a holistic method to mental health was my own ongoing personal inner exploration; awakened by a bike accident that led to months of recovery and rehabilitation. I had no choice but to pause, reflect and face uncharted territory. I am a co-founder of Osmos studio in Berlin, where alongside my private practice as a holistic counsellor, I host workshops about relationships and altered states of consciousness. Since 2019 I also facilitate private and group psilocybin retreats in The Netherlands.