Maria-Paula Almiron, CPsych, FPsych

Licensed Clinical and Forensic Psychologist
London ENG
I am an eclectic and post-modern practitioner that will support your search for truth verbally, somatically and spiritually. As a licensed worker, I am not able to be present during the medicine session but will share all I know to help you prepare for a safe sitting and meet you at the other side to make sense of it.
As a young psychologist, I was blessed with generous mentors whose influence opened doors and left me with an inheritance of knowledge and ethics that continue to serve me to date My clinical career started in forensic services in one of the UK's maximum security hospitals and evolved through multiple care settings in universal and independent health contexts. As it is often the case, my awakening to the power of visionary plants started with my own healing and transformation outside the traditional paradigm of Western Psychology. I have since spent as much time learning new ways of knowing as I have integrating what I gather through formal education. Facilitating psychedelic work is at the junction of science and spirituality. It is a call for humility and acceptance that we are not separate from each other and that we still know little about how it all works. My premise is "no shortcuts to the process as we understand it so far" my promise "a sound ethical compass" and my work "a therapeutic invitation into the unknown"
Preparation for safe psychedelic experiences (group format, available in Spanish and English, 4 sessions, up to 8 participants) Psychedelic integration (group format, available in Spanish and English, 6 sessions, up to 6 participants) Difficult psychedelic experiences (recreational or out of country ceremonies, group format, English only, up to 4 participants)