Maria-Paula Almiron, CPsych, FPsych

Licensed Clinical and Forensic Psychologist
Panama City 8
Growing wiser comes with the benefit of professional security and freedom to draw from multiple frameworks and states of consciousness. In my current version, I am an eclectic and post-modern practitioner and whether you communicate verbally, somatically or spiritually, I can count on me to be present and support your search for truth.
I was blessed with men and women whose generous mentoring opened doors for me as a young Psychologist. My clinical career started in forensic services in one of the UK's maximum security hospitals and evolved through different systems of health and social justice as well as therapeutic philosophies. My awakening to the transformative power of psychedelics started four years ago with my own search for healing outside the traditional paradigm of Western Psychology. In order to engage in good psychedelic work, I had to unlearn much of what I had gathered through years of formal education, restrain my ego and make room for humanity and humility. There is still much to learn about the mechanism of psychedelic healing and whether it arises through shifts in perception, access to unconscious material, new neural pathways or a conversation with divinity. Through these medicines, people have connected with and live within their best versions.