Maria-Paula Almiron, CPsych, FPsych

Licensed Clinical and Forensic Psychologist
Panama City 8
As I grow wiser, I am experiencing the professional freedom that comes with being able to draw from multiple frameworks and states of consciousness. In my current version, I am an eclectic and post-modern practitioner. You can count on me to be present. Whether you communicate verbally, somatically or spiritually, I will meet you in that realm and support your search for the truth.
I have been a Psychologist for half of the time I have been alive and without hesitation, I would do it all over again. I acknowledge my privilege and the fact that I was blessed with opportunity, and with men and women of great generosity who opened doors and shared their knowledge with me. My career evolved across a range of clinical settings, mental health systems, societies, philosophies and believes. Each of these provided me with unique a container to hold the pain and the joy of the human experience. My awakening to the transformative power of psychedelics started four years ago with my own search for healing outside the traditional paradigm of Western Psychology. Psychedelic work is powerfully transformative to clients and therapists alike. It’s a practice where all of ways of knowing coexist without the tension of scientific hierarchy. Whether healing comes along through shifts in perception, or access to unconscious conflicts, or whether it is a religious encounter, or about new neural pathways, I have a deep appreciation of the natural healing capacity inbuilt in us and the freedom of interpretation available to integrate such experiences.