Marie-Louise Peterslund Triksys, PsyD

Licensed clinical Psychologist
Copenhagen 84
My intention is to offer a safe space to explore different aspects of the human experience that includes both psychological, physical and spiritual dimensions. I am informed by attachment theory, somatic awareness, mindfulness, systemic and norm critical awareness, and symbolism in fx dreams and psychedelic experiences,
I am a Psychologist, and I have my own practice in Copenhagen. Besides that I am a mum, and lover of dance, art, and nature. Previously I have worked some years as a clinical Psychologist in psychiatry, at a centre working with traumatized refugees. Also I have been facilitating grief groups for people who lost a loved one to cancer. I am currently training as a psychedelic therapist at the Psychedelic Therapy Training, which is a 3 years international programme. Also I am deepening my training and practise in Internal Family Systems therapy. I specialize in: Psychedelic integration therapy, Trauma focused therapy, Grief, Non-monogamous relationship forms