Marina Bank, RN, FMCHC

Registered Nurse, Certified Health Coach in Functional Medicine
New York City NY
I believe that integration starts the moment you decide to explore your individual relationship to psychedelics/plant medicine. We explore your intention for this work and what you are looking to receive from the experience? Safety , contraindications, set and setting, preparing the body, mind and spirit , how to deal with difficult moments that might arise are some of the questions we dive deep into exploring Following your experience the REAL work will begin. The medicine time is the laboratory, life is the ceremony! So often during the ceremonies we are shown insights that make us want to change so many things in our lives, yet when we return to our often hectic lives, the lessons fade away and the changes we wanted to make are placed on hold. How do we make meaning of the experience and weaves the insights into our lives? How do we stay consistent and committed to becoming better versions of ourselves? How do we make time for ourselves so we can continue to evolve? What can we do to take better care of ourselves so we can live healthier , more fulfilled lives? These are the areas i am inviting my clients to explore. In our work together , I act as your ally, helping identify where you are now, create a vision of where you want to be, and help you chart a course in small, actionable steps, incrementally building on positive behavior change, nourishing your mind and spirit, as well as your body. And because every journey requires course corrections, I ensure you develop the tools you need to continue in spite of the road blocks and pot holes in your way.
I am a Registered Nurse and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach with focus on Psychedelic Integration. As a lifelong student of physiology, meditation, yoga ,plant medicine, psychedelics , shamanism, medicine music and voice i am inspired to share my knowledge with others. My mission is to offer a safe container, listen, educate, empower, support, help set achievable goals and provide gentle accountability as clients rediscover their relationship to self through psychedelic and plant medicines.