Mark Cunningham, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Sex Therapist
Fort Collins CO
I love when I have the opportunity to witness a client step into owning their unique story rather than living as a character in someone else's story that does not align with their authenticity and values! By releasing shame and rigid (right or wrong) thinking through moving into nuance and abstract thinking we can begin to appreciate the rich array of emotions and information to move from conflict towards adaptation and harmonizing our inner and outer worlds. Clients who thrive with me value questions that challenge them, homework that propels them, and my eccentric, playful, and nerdy yet disciplined approach to personal evolution! I strive to connect you with your inner wisdom. I will adapt to you and explore what your vision is for your life to find the obstacles (old beliefs or blockages) that may hold you back from being, loving or relating from your best self. I support relationships within people and between people to create harmony, & expansion in sex and love. You are the expert on you and we cannot live in isolation for long or we become lost and stumble into chaos. I am here to support you in uncovering the strengths, passions, and insights you already have and to build upon them to help you move into the best version of you yet! Let's do this!
I'm an individual, relational, and family therapist in Fort Collins CO. Since I was a young boy, my passion has been understanding how we evolved, and specifically how human behavior has changed over time, which is why I love working with clients from all walks of life. I combine a biopsychosocialevolutionaryspiritual approach to psychotherapy. This combined with my systemic and relational training are some of the lenses I use while working with your goals and your relationship with yourself to help foster change, adaptation and evolution in your life. I view therapy as an opportunity for people to explore themselves, and to free themselves from feeling stuck, alone, and confused. If you seek motivation, support, or some tools to become your ideal self, I would be humbled to join and support you along your journey. We all struggle to adapt sometimes, whether it's in a new or long-term relationship, the workplace, family challenges, or a temporary burden in your path. My purpose is to work with you to determine the ideal plan that works with your values and goals in a motivated and compassionate manner to ensure growth, healing, and success!