Mark Drummond Davis, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Specialties: Mindfulness, acceptance & commitment therapy (ACT), nondual therapy, narrative therapy, voice dialogue, Gestalt, psychodynamic, and Jungian

Services Offered: Individual, psychedelic integration (individuals), pre- and post-ritual counseling, trauma-focused psychotherapy, treatment planning;holistic approaches, mind-body therapy, psychodynamic therapy, somatic therapy, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, relational and family therapy, mindfulness training

Sessions: Telehealth & In-person (Corvallis, OR)



I am a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) based in Corvallis, OR, with a Bachelor’s in comparative literature from Harvard and an MSW from Smith College School for Social Work. I love cooking and the outdoors, and I’m most grateful in life for my amazing wife and stepdaughter, as well as our two affectionate cats. Prior to my career in mental health, I worked as a project manager for an installation artist in Boston and as a mold-maker and welder at a bronze sculpture foundry in Iowa.  I have worked as a psychotherapist at Oregon State University, Benton County Health Department, Asian Counseling and Referral Service, and the PTSD Outpatient Clinic in the Puget Sound VA.

My own path to healing and freedom began in earnest when depression, anxiety, and a gnawing sense of existential emptiness inspired me to take a leave of absence from college and sit an intensive retreat at a Zen monastery in Korea. I continued to practice Zen and sit more retreats for the next 12 years, and while this practice alleviated much of my distress, it wasn’t until I paired Zen with the the awakening potential of psychedelics that I began to glimpse the bright non-dual awareness that exists independent of (and yet not separate from) all moods, conditions, and circumstances.

I make no claims of being a guru or enlightened person, just a psychotherapist who has fallen in love with the present moment. My passion and purpose are to help you fall in love too.


How I work with clients

I offer one-on-one video-based pre/post-journey integration therapy and coaching sessions to anyone in the world interested in exploring psychedelics (psilocybin, 5-MeO-DMT, N,N-DMT, ayahuasca, MDMA, LSD, mescaline, ketamine, and many others) as catalysts in their journey of emotional healing, psychological insight, intra/inter/transpersonal transformation, and spiritual awakening. My primary therapeutic modalities are Mindfulness, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Nondual Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Voice Dialogue, Gestalt, Psychodynamic, and Jungian.

I enjoy working with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds, so familiarity with these particular approaches is by no means a prerequisite for working with me. If you’re curious about whether we’ll be a good match in a coaching or therapeutic relationship, I offer an introductory 15-minute consultation free of charge. My session times and fees are listed below:

15 min intro: free
45 min session: $150
75 min session: $240



Licensed Clinical Social Worker (#L8109 Oregon)


Master of Social Work (Smith College School for Social Work)
Bachelors in Comparative Literature (Harvard University)


Somatic Experiencing, Psychodrama, MBSR



Online Sessions


Location Oregon, Corvallis

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