Mark Shortt, ND

Santa Fe NM
Dr Shortt begins with establishing foundations for health, including medical, lifestyle, and psycho-emotional factors. Throughout a thorough assessment process, he works with the patient to discover the root causes of illness and discomfort, identifying and removing the obstacles to a healthy and fulfilling life. After an initial information call to answer questions about the process, clients will undergo a medical intake to establish safety, preparation sessions, medicine sessions, and ongoing integrations. Treatment is centered around reduction in symptoms and incremental transformation: building a path, step by step, leading to positive, profound, and lasting changes over time.
Dr Mark Shortt is an integrative physician He has been in the psychedelic medicine space since 2010 and practicing clinically with ketamine since 2018. Specializing in education & training, program development, group experience, and immersive retreats. His clinical psychedelic training includes the Certificate for Psychedelic Therapy and Research program at The California Institute of Integral Studies, The Ketamine Training Center, and The Integrative Psychiatry Institute.
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