Marni Levy, LMFT

Licensed Somatic Psychotherapist
Oakland CA
I work through a buddhist lens of compassion for all that is brought to the session. I hold body sensations, thoughts, emotions, and all material with a tenderness and slowness that can create a safe, accepting container for healing.
As an Isreali-American with an immigrant parent and a first generation immigrant parent, in my early years I was praised for achievements and taught the way of survival. While grateful for all I was given, I discovered the road to my own freedom was in the healing of traumas-those incurred in my own family and through social constructs. My relationship with plant teachers and psychedelics has been a blessing in my own journey and so it is a passion and joy to guide others along the path. As a lifelong dancer and meditator I’ve learned to tune into the wisdom of the body, to attend to the emotions, needs, and expressions. I love teaching and guiding others towards releasing stress in the body and moving towards fully embodying their natural, true selves. My work in private practice is based in a Mindfulness/Somatic approach called Hakomi. Using this "eyes-closed" method, we can be present with the internal world. It is here where the natural inner intelligence of our thoughts, emotions, images, movements, memories and body sensations lead us toward healing, resolve, and new more expansive belief systems about ourselves, the world, and others. I have worked in different community clinics in the Bay Area as an advocate and therapist for folks recovering from dual diagnoses and trauma. My experiences have afforded me the training in harm reduction approaches for addiction and a broader understanding of the mental health challenges of those impacted by poverty, oppression and long term trauma. I am currently a supervisor for therapy interns at the Sage Institute where I am mentoring in somatic and depth ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for the healing of internalized oppression.