Márton Mányai, BSc

Psychedelic-assisted Therapy Provider, coach trainer
Madrid M
I offer package programs on my website icpic.ch, typically 3-3 preparation and integration sessions (90 min each) with or without dosing session in the middle of the journey. Except dosing session they happen remotely, online. I work in CET timezone office hours (Europe). Psilocybin dosing session in person in Madrid, Spain. I offer free 30 min initial consultation (get the coupon code on icpic.ch ) The first step is health pre-screening questionnaire, download from the website and find out if we can work together.
Marton (1981, born in Budapest, Hungary) is a Psychedelic-assisted Therapy Provider, dipl. Theologian-Pastor, Executive Coach, online leadership soft skills trainer, ICF PCC professional, working in English, German and Hungarian, with over 2200 coaching hours, with 15 years of multinational, multi-industry experience coaching at large and mid-sized companies , freelancers, NGOs, with leadership, manager experience. He had been coaching 23 nationalities from 5 continents. Certified ICF PCC since 2015, solution-focused Brief Coach, ICF certified Jungian Coach, ICF certified Symbolon Reflection-Expert, Symbolon Specialist, diploma Senior Supervisor (900 hours training), diploma Drawing Assessment Specialist (Uni, 1 year). Had been a payed staff Youth Pastor, senior leader in local Christian congregation and Uni Chaplain, counseling students, founder of Christian University Groups. Keynote speaker on conferences (TEDx). He has a private practice in Madrid, Spain and works on zoom online, too. His motto is: "The best is yet to come".
As stated in website webshop: https://icpic.ch/shop-2/ I start Psychedelic Integration Coach Training cohort, from May-November 2024. Apply here https://icpic.ch/coach-training