Mary Gresham, PhD

Clinical Psychologist
Atlanta GA
My work is primarily experiential and affect focused. I believe in the power of emotion and how emotions can be harnessed to provide energy and vitality in our lives. I work with both couples and individuals.
I am a clinical psychologist with a practice in Atlanta, GA. I studied at Tulane University, Emory University and Georgia State University in clinical psychology. I have been practicing for 30 years and the nature of my practice has changed over time. I have actively studied and learned in a number of specialty areas. I work with Adult Children of Alcoholics, clients going through divorces and other life transitions, and offer financial therapy for those who are having difficulty dealing with and talking about issues related to money. I also work with existential issues related to finding meaning, purpose and connection in life. I offer integration services for the exploration of issues in alternative states of consciousness.