Mary Lee Roberts, MS, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Spring TX
Together we will tailor specific tools, therapeutic techniques, skill sets and processes for your needs, your life, and your relationships. Our goal is to quickly uncover and heal unconscious and conscious core issues. It begins with your finding and revitalizing the foundation within you that transforms struggles into strengths. You will be empowered with effective skills to restore respect and belief in yourself and the ability to handle even life’s darkest moments while developing new ways that shift doubt and limiting patterns into activating tangible changes while achieving your goals. With a deep passion for life, I recognize the intrinsic value and worth of humanity, globally and individually. Whether your journey involves healing the wounds of the past, understanding yourself from the inside out, improving relationships, deepening your connection with your Divine and exploring the mysteries of this miraculous Universe, ….. or whatever your heart longs for, I hold a supportive and open-hearted environment for you to explore, heal, grow and create.
As a Licensed Professional Counselor for over 30 years I have adopted cutting edge techniques and tools that shorten the healing process. Specializing in Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Trauma, and Transpersonal issues. Recognizing the powerful transformative gifts of psychedelics, my practice is now focused on assisting those that are willing to take the deep dive into lasting change. I would love to escort you through the preparation and integration stages of your chosen journey. Internal Family Systems, EMDR, and shamanic psychodrama are excellent companions for clarifying and installing the insights and resolutions from your journeys. It’s a joy and privilege to help you navigate your path of creating the vision, journey, and fulfillment you desire in this wondrous life. Sit with me in person or via Telehealth and experience how quickly it can happen for you.