Maureen Fiorelli, LMFT

New York City NY
I teach mindfulness skills and help clients learn from their altered states of consciousness, whether they are stemming from meditation and breathing techniques or psychedelics. I help people integrate the new learning into their daily lives with the goal of moving forward with a deeper understanding of themselves. I also use sensorimotor techniques- I am trained in Bodywork and Reiki and believe in tending to the energy and trauma that may be held in the body. (I do not offer Bodywork to my therapy clients- just added focus and attention on the stuck energy patterns in the body.)
I have been a licensed therapist for 16 years- I am licensed in New York, California and Pennsylvania. I am currently enrolled in Naropa's 10 month Psychedelic Therapies Certificate Program. I studied Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy with Polaris Insight Center and Ketamine Training Center. I completed the MAPS MDMA Training (Parts A &B). I am also trained in Energy Healing and Reiki and have had my own personal meditation practice for 20 years. I feel I gained a deep respect and understanding of the history of these medicines after meeting Sasha Shulgin, Anne Shulgin and their community in 2004. I feel these medicines are sacred and hold the opportunity to offer these services as a great honor and privilege.
I collaborate with Journey Clinical and offer Ketamine Assisted psychotherapy in person and remote sessions and offer integrations sessions remotely.