Maya Golan, MA, LPC

Boulder CO
Soma is an ancient word meaning “body.” While your brain has cognition, your body has wisdom. Our thoughts and fears often hold us back, forming patterns that don’t serve us. Somatic or “mind-body” healing approaches help you access what your body’s feeling, that your mind may be avoiding or blocking. Once you really feel your emotions, then the feeling moves through. Each person’s therapy journey looks different. Opening up and getting access to your various parts, combining somatic components, brings clarity. I guide loving interventions as needed — moments that contain gifts of understanding for each of us. We explore the synchronicities. Typically sessions begin with conversation. We integrate additional techniques intuitively, based on what most needs tending. We may tap into art, mindfulness, movement, imagination, and more. Innovative approaches help individuals and couples to love themselves and others better and to respect the sacred space of relationships in all interactions. This is deep work. We’re not afraid to explore any individual issue or work on the stickiness of repetitive patterns, sex, porn, loss of function or simply a loss of spark between couples. Whatever it is, we’ll find the center of the issue and move through it.
Finding self-fulfillment and deeper meaning has always been a driving force in my life. I perceive nuances in expression and subtleties in modes of relating to feelings and thoughts in individuals and couples. That’s why I feel called to do this work. I am bilingual (English / Hebrew) and bicultural (American / Israeli), with a background of practicing and teaching theater, yoga and dance. My journey through the expressive arts and movement practices has increased my self awareness, taught me many ways to communicate and connect with others, and showed me how to process and gain insight from my life experiences. I particularly enjoy working with multicultural clients who are walking similar paths. Today I bring together my love of artistic expression and my gift for therapy in my work with creative beings — like you.