MayRav Nissim, MSc

IFS, Brainspotting and Somatic Practitioner
Ninole HI
Entheogen Integration: Integration happens after an entheogenic experience. the process where you take the insights, wisdom, and thoughts that arise on your journey and start to implement them into your daily life. Therefore it’s not just an experience you’ve had but it becomes a springboard for positive changes. Some changes may take place organically and automatically without additional effort; like thoughts, patterns, or behaviors. Other more challenging or uncomfortable changes may take a more deliberate approach as to how best to implement them into your life for the growth you are seeking. Entheogens are not for everybody. Having support afterward though can greatly enhance and expand your neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change through growth and reorganization. By developing new neuropathways, the brain learns to function in a way that differs from how it previously functioned. This is when you want to consciously implement healthier choices into your life which will create new patterns. I’m committed to creating a welcoming environment that’s diverse, equitable, inclusive, and anti-racist. I view our work together as a shared, supportive, compassionate journey that helps you re-connect with your authentic self, while you integrate deep sustainable change.
As the eldest child to POC parents born into a survival mode environment and a traumatic family story, I was conditioned to believe I had a life of limitations in this world. I went from educational achievement to corporate ladder-climbing. I focused on doing and achieving, and I did it well. Somehow, it wasn’t satisfying. I could not find inner peace and felt disconnected from myself and the world around me.It was through those challenges and soul searching that I learned the important role the mind-body connection plays in healing and growth. Since that time, I’ve dedicated myself to my own growth through mind and body-centered therapies, which ultimately led me to help others with their own experiences. My immersion in these various modalities has given me a breadth of experience to support others on their own different personal healing journeys. I took a leap of faith and embarked on a revolutionary pilgrimage of self love and renewal. I uprooted and moved to the Big Island of Hawai'i to be closer to nature and enjoy a deeper connection with mother earth. I continue to immerse myself in exploring various healing modalities and ways of being, while transforming to a purpose of sharing my love for our world in a way that supports collective healing.
Internal Family Systems Therapy: An empowering and transformative modality of relating to our human experience. Internal Family Systems is a healing integrative model that views each individual as a system composed of inner parts, guided by a core Self. It recognizes the natural multiplicity of the human being and values this diversity. Similar to members of a family, inner parts often become entrenched in extreme roles within us, losing access to their valuable qualities. On the other hand, the Self is present in every individual, whole and possessing the inherent ability to promote healing via compassion, curiosity and calmness. Brainspotting: "Where you look affects how you feel”. Brainspotting is defined as an advanced brain-body therapy that focuses on identifying, processing, and releasing trauma, mental health imbalances and residual emotional stress. It is based on the premise that ‘where you look affects how you feel’ and finds that eye positions correlate with unconscious, emotional experiences. When you focus on an eye position related to an upsetting issue, you release the emotional and physical stress within the issue. Traumatic experiences are stored in the mammalian and reptilian (stem) brains. Brainspotting is finding spots in your visual field that are allowing access to these brains, that are not generally accessed in traditional talk therapy and most other types of therapy. Somatic Attachment Therapy: Somatic therapy is an experiential approach towards mind-body integration. It uses mind-body techniques to help release stress, tension, and trauma that is stored and accumulated in the body. Somatic therapy expands beyond the realms of talk therapy, integrating your body and its sensations into the therapy work, and offers a holistic approach for transformation.Profound healing and re-patterning comes from making changes at the body (cellular) level. A somatic therapy approach acknowledges the narrative of our attachment journey and guides a client into the wisdom of their body to restore the innate capacity to bond, form healthy and adaptive boundaries, and flourish in all aspects of relationships.