Megan Holleran, LMHC

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor
Melbourne FL
We will work together to define your goals for doing this work. You will safely explore your strengths as well as self-limiting patterns. I will offer my knowledge and skills tailored to your needs. We will tend to your whole system compassionately and explore all insights as valuable. We will make a plan of actionable steps that you can use during and after your journey to assist you in continued wellness.
My passions have always aligned with connecting with nature and understanding more about the human condition. This led me to traveling the world as a student and practitioner and obtaining my first Masters in International Peace and Conflict Resolution. It is from this place that I learned about myself and about the beauty and pain of humanity. I lived in Iraq and Afghanistan for nearly a decade and found I had to create my own sense of peace throughout this time using my yoga practice, meditation and tapped into my inner resources to let go and trust this process. My desire to help others and see a deeper change in the world led me to obtain my second Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and complete my training at a program serving at-risk and homeless LGBTQA and BIPOC teens to reduce their mental health and substance use symptoms. My private practice developed again from a community need to deliver mental health counseling after a local tragedy. I practice what I preach incorporating integration work into my own life and using the modalities of breath work, transforming negative thoughts and using self compassion as tools. I have worked with hundreds of clients helping them to successfully understand and accept themselves, while traversing and changing harmful patterns. I am also a Mesa carrier and use ceremony and nature in my work. I am a community activist advocating for LGBTQA rights and engaged in anti racism work at a local and state level.
I offer preparation and integration sessions to individuals. individual session $250 3 sessions $500 6 sessions $950