Melissa Scannell, LMHC, LPC

Psychedelic Assisted Therapist
Valparaiso IN
During Preparation we will Cocreate a safe space for your healing journey. We will build a relationship based on trust, honesty, and communication. We will MAP out your desired experience based on your intensions and co-create a plan that you are excited about. We will practice resourcing exercises and breathing techniques that will assist you on your journey to higher consciousness and ultimately raising your vibration. During the medicine experience, you will be guided through personalized meditation(s) specific to your healing journey, allowing your process to unfold, as you are supported along the way. We will work together to Integrate your medicine experience, reinforcing your new connections and providing opportunities for continued healing and evolving.
Hello! My name is Melissa Scannell (she/her) and I offer Psychedelic Guidance and Integration Therapy (either in-person or remotely). I have been a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) since 2005 with a specialty in complex trauma. My own personal healing journey has lead me to the Psychedelic Movement, which I am very grateful and honored to be part of. My goal is to support you, guide you, and give you skills and tools that will assist you along your own journey towards inner healing and Spiritual Awakening. Whether you are seeking guidance and integration, from a recent psychedelic experience or are looking to be guided on a psychedelic journey... I am ready to Co-Create a safe, sacred, healing, space with you; that allows you the ability to shed layers of your shadow. You will be supported while you heal, grow, and evolve. Utilizing and incorporating my trainings in Reiki, Indigenous practices, sound bowl healing, and guided meditation to personalize your experience. I am also formally trained in Psilocybin (MAPS), MDMA (MAPS) and Ketamine.
Psychedelic Preparatory Work Psychedelic Integration Sessions Psychedelic Medicine Sessions/Journey Sessions Psychedelic Education/Guidance Free weekly zoom integration group (established long term group) Psychedelic Facilitators Training Psychedelic Facilitators Supervison Psychedelic Collaborative/Psychedelic Guilde Spiritual Awakening Spiritual Guidance Shadow Work Soul Retrieval