Mi Seon Kang, LCAT, ATR-BC

Creative Arts Psychotherapist
New York City NY
I offer compassionate, reflective, and collaborative therapeutic space for my clients to express and explore their deep inner feelings/ emotions, thoughts/beliefs, and needs. As my clients embark on their healing journey from trauma and grief to discovery of authentic self, I value as a therapist to be emotionally attuned so that they have corrective experiences of being "seen and heard" and not feeling alone with their pain and suffering. I work collaboratively with my clients to explore and process their unconscious materials and dissociated parts as they emerge. Helping clients to gain a greater awareness of their unconscious thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that keep them stuck allows them to make conscious and authentic choices for their wellbeing and life fulfillment. Also, I have learned over the course of my 25-year career to trust my clients' unique healing process and the power of guiding them to connect with their own inner healing intelligence.
I am a NY licensed Creative Arts Psychotherapist in private practice in New York. Before establishing my practice, I worked as a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, and program director in community based programs in NYC social services that provided therapeutic support for children and families from diverse cultural backgrounds. In my twenty years on the job, I have regularly encountered clients with a history of trauma and loss, childhood neglect/abuse, family conflicts, addictions, and mental illness. This experience has shown me the devastating consequences of untreated trauma and led to my special interest in working with clients who are ready to take the courageous steps toward processing their trauma that have impacted their lives. My personal immigration experience as an Asian-American has given me a keen understanding of the challenges of being the “other” and navigating the complexities of integrating the various identities we hold. As a first generation Asian-American I have a wide perspective on how life challenges are compounded by intergenerational and intercultural conflicts. I am also deeply committed to helping BIPOC clients explore and process traumatic experiences of racism and other forms of oppression that have negatively impacted their identity, mental, and spiritual well-being.
Since my personal psilocybin/MDMA medicine journey two years ago I am inspired by the potential healing power of these medicines and understand the importance of doing the integration work after the journey. In my private practice I provide guidance and support for clients to do the preparatory work (intention setting and resourcing) before the psychedelic journey and deep integration work after the journey. Based on my experience of doing integration work with clients over the years I have found therapeutic modalities, such as Attachment Focused-EMDR, IFS, and Somatic Psychotherapy, Art Therapy, and Breathwork to be very effective in integrating the experiences and messages from the psychedelic journey.